Paint Bubbling Woes: Your Ultimate Guide to Prevention and Fixes

Bubbling Paint

If you’ve ever noticed unsightly bubbles or blisters marring the beauty of your freshly painted walls, you’re not alone. Dealing with paint bubbles can be frustrating, but fear not – Stanford Painting has the insights to prevent and fix this common issue.

Must-Try Paint Colors for Your Home This Summer

Must-try paint colors for summer

Color trends are constantly changing. Some years, grays are out, and golds are in. Bronze is timeless, and yellow has become the new black. Designers and trendsetters are up-to-date with the latest color trends. However, painting contractors also benefit from understanding current trends and what the market considers valuable, modern, and beautiful.

Should Painting Contractors Be Insured?

Male Painter climbing a latter to paint a house calling to question if painters should be insured

When you hear the terms licensed and insured, you probably think about different service providers, like a roofer or plumber. But what about a painter that is licensed and insured? If you have high-maintenance painting jobs in your home or commercial space, hiring a licensed and insured painting contractor is essential before starting your project. […]