Must-Try Paint Colors for Your Home This Summer

Must-try paint colors for summer

Color trends are constantly changing. Some years, grays are out, and golds are in. Bronze is timeless, and yellow has become the new black. Designers and trendsetters are up-to-date with the latest color trends. However, painting contractors also benefit from understanding current trends and what the market considers valuable, modern, and beautiful.


Trending Color Combinations

Colors like pastels – think violets, pinks, mossy greens, and soft peaches – are dominating interior and exterior design in 2023.


Warm Tans & Natural Greens

Beachy sand tones are in this year, and a palette of complementary green colors is perfect for a new look. A warm and inviting cream hue is perfect for a soft interior look, and accenting with shades of green will add that extra pop. Warm tans & natural greens complement oranges, darker yellows, and browns, giving you flexibility with your decorating style.

Jewel tones are also trendy today. Complementing warm tans with jewel tones will make your office, living room, or kitchen look bolder. In addition, you can paint your interiors in this style and even match your furniture!


Soft Peaches & Inviting Lavenders

Soft peach hues allow you to choose complementary colors to match the aesthetic of your home. Imagine a kitchen with a peach wall, complemented by darker violets with a pop of blue to create a rustic feeling. Paint is about creativity and innovation; this color combination nails it better than others.


Warm Neutrals & Inviting Browns

Neutrals will never go out of style. White and complementary colors make your home look neat and well-organized. For example, if you want your living room or bathroom to look larger, you can combine browns with neutral colors to broaden and maximize the space. Plus, decorating with neutrals also allows you to experiment more with color.


Bold Reds & Salmon Tones

If you’re feeling a little adventurous with color, pairing darker reds with darker pinks is what every design and home interior decor magazine is talking about. Red can be used to create a bold look, and it also complements whites and other browns. White and browns can make even an unusual color, such as salmon, look soft.

The first step in updating your home is understanding that design changes over time, making choosing the perfect color scheme challenging. However, using these colors will help you become the most trendy home in the neighborhood!


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