Why Two Coats of Paint are Better than One


Friday, April 20, 2018 11:49 AM Stanford Painting, Painter, coats of paint, two coats of paint, paint color


Painting your house is an investment. It improves curb appeal and acts as a protective layer for the siding of your house. So when it comes time to paint your home, be sure to do it right by applying two coats. A second coat of paint will last longer, provide the color you truly want, and is required by the manufacturer to qualify for a warranty.

Longer Life

Two thin coats of paint will last longer than a single thick coat. In fact, a proper two coat paint job will last 12 to 15 ears. The average lifespan of a one coat paint job is only about 3- years.

That second coat is less porous because the first coat will have filled in any cracks, holes, or other voids in the siding. The more solid layer will be far better at resisting moisture and hold up to scrubbing without fading or peeling.

More Accurate Color

Another benefit of two coats is knowing you’ll get the paint color you wanted. When it comes to one coat, the color below can still show through. This muddies the new paint color and can end up looking dull.

It also leaves the chance of having missed spots with no new color at all. Adding that second layer will completely hide older paint colors, create a more brilliant finish, and provide full coverage.

Qualifies for Manufacturer Warranties

To qualify for a warranty, all paint manufacturers require that their product be applied in two thin coats. That’s because they know a two coat application will meet the color and durability expectations people have.

A single coat application will lead to premature wear and customer complaints. So to have your new paint covered by the manufacturer, a second coat is a must.

Two thin coats will let the paint adhere to the surface better with more opacity and the security of a manufacturer warranty. Plus, painters generally only charge 20-percent more than the cost to apply one layer because the prep work was already done for the first coat and not needed for the second.

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