Stanford Painting’s 9-Step Prep Process


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When painting your home or commercial space, there’s nothing more important than preparation, and no one does it better than Stanford Painting. For the best results that will last year after year, trust the professionals and our proven process at Stanford Painting. Learn more about our 9-step process below.

  1. Exterior: For the exterior portion of a building, we start off by pressure washing the entire structure, and then treat mildewed areas with a diluted chlorine solution. On the interior, we wash kitchen and bathroom walls with TSP as needed.
  2. Remove all flaking paint: We can do this by hand scraping, using a heat gun, or a chemical stripper. This ensures all old paint is removed before new, improved paint is put on.
  3. Power and hand sand: Our crews want you to get the best paint job possible, which is why power sanding surfaces before painting has made our jobs last longer with better quality. Power sanding allows for a deep clean, which means your new paint better adheres to the surface.
  4. Applying primer: Primer is a very important part of the process, and allows any color you choose to pop. Not only will it make colors show up better, it will help cover older colors or problem spots underneath.
  5. Spackle holes and cracks: Creating a flat, smooth surface will allow paint and primer to go on smoother, which means you get a nicer finish.
  6. Caulk gaps and openings: We make sure you don’t have any gaps between doorways or hard to reach areas, ensuring a great seal that will add to the quality of the job.
  7. Reglaze broken or cracked window putty: re-glazing your windows keeps your home better insulated, which means you keep the heat in while the cold and water stay out.
  8. Exterior: Repair stucco cracks with high-grade elastometric patching compound. This is a great material that expands and contracts with the home, allowing us to better fill holes.
  9. Interior: Patch cracks and holes in the drywall or plaster for a better, smoother finish.


Along with our exclusive 9-step process, we also offer a high-quality 2 coat paint finish that creates lasting results. Stanford Painting is also Lead Certified, which means if your home tests positive for lead, we’re qualified to clean and dispose of old paint. If you’re looking for a trusted company to complete your next paint job, call the experts at 650-321-9302, or visit our website to learn more about our services.