Palo Alto Heritage Historic Site Project


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The site that we worked on is an official Palo Alto Heritage Historic Building site. Historic sites can not be torn down, as historic resources enrich the quality of life in communities. Only reparations or slight remodeling can be made to a historic site in an attempt to keep Palo Alto looking and feeling like ‘Palo Alto.’.

The two biggest issues we faced while completing this project were the height of the building (3+ stories) and the porch. We had to get out our longest ladder (40′) to be able to paint the top portions of the house. A ladder that tall is dangerous for obvious reasons. It requires a second worker to stand at the bottom and hold the ladder to prevent it from moving or falling over. Often a rope is tied to the painter to prevent a three story fall.

The second issue was the porch. The owner had previously hired other painters to paint the porch, and the results were not ideal. The last painter’s prep work was terrible, and they used interior products to fix the cracks in the porch instead of exterior bondo. Daily heating and cooling of the porch causes expansion and contraction, resulting in the products made for interior use to crack and pop out.

After just 7 months, cracks were already appearing on the porch.So we had to sand down the porch all the way past the improper materials, and then prime and paint the raw wood. We used an All Floor paint from Kelly Moore, specifically designed for porch/decks.

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