Importance of Warranty for Painting Services


Tuesday, April 28, 2020 2:32 PM Stanford Painting, Painter, Warranty, five year warranty, painting warranty

Are you thinking about getting your house painted professionally this spring or summer? While picking the color scheme is important, it’s even more essential to review the contract between you and your chosen contractor. The two items reviewed with the most scrutiny are the price of the job and the estimated time to complete the job. The next item may surprise you, it’s the warranty or guarantee of workmanship.

As a reputable contractor, Stanford Painting offers a five-year warranty to take responsibility and guarantee our quality of work. In addition, we also honor warranties to ensure our customer’s satisfaction, both short- and long-term. When working with us (or any contractor), it’s important to get the warranty in writing and take the time to understand all the terms and conditions.

What does the warranty cover?

A legitimate warranty only covers defects in workmanship. Some examples of defects include cracking, flaking, peeling, or bubbling paint film. We provide our written guarantee on the back of all our painting estimates for our customer’s review.

Events that are not covered under a standard warranty include damage from extreme weather conditions (i.e. hail, gale-force winds), leaky roof or gutters, or low-quality paint supplied by the customer. Be wary if your contractor includes these events in the warranty; it could be a sign that the document will not be honored should problems arise.

What is the warranty period?

Exterior paint can begin to show defects in as little as two to three years, but it can take up to five years. Interior paint is protected from the elements, and thus has a reduced chance of paint film defects. Due to this, some contractors do not offer warranties for interior painting. All of our painting services are guaranteed for a full five years.

What are the exclusions?

A list of what is excluded will accompany a legitimate warranty. There are instances where we may not be able to offer a warranty for our services. Your home could have issues, such as existing structural damage or excessive layers of old paint, which could cause a paint job to fail. If you request we use a specific brand of paint or a known low-quality paint, it’s unreasonable for our professional painters to be held responsible for the outcome. Any damage to the paint caused after the job’s completion is generally not covered.

When making your final decision, it’s important to consider both the contractor and the warranty as a whole. A qualified and honest professional may come with a higher up-front cost, but low-budget contractor with an all-inclusive warranty will only guarantee you a higher cost in the future.

Stanford Painting started in 1988 with the goal of providing high quality residential and commercial painting, and it hasn’t changed since. Backed by our five-year warranty and hundreds of satisfied customers, we’re the best painters around. Give us a call today at 650-321-9302 to request a quote, or visit our services page to learn more about how we can help you with your next painting project.


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