How to Incorporate Fall Colors Into Your Home


Friday, October 5, 2018 11:02 AM Stanford Painting, Painting, Painter, fall decorations, fall colors


As another hot and humid summer comes to a close, we happily welcome a new season, a season that many call their favorite: fall. Let’s be honest; you’d be hard pressed to find a person who does NOT enjoy this pleasant time of year. There are plenty of ways to still enjoy the outdoors, the colors of the falling foliage are simply stunning, and you can cheer on your favorite football team every Sunday with the NFL in full swing.


How do you take your love of the autumn season to the next level? Do you make frequent visits to an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch? There’s nothing wrong with that! Do you indulge in a glass of apple cider or a mug of pumpkin spice latte as you curl up on the couch with a blanket and book? We can’t say we blame you! But one way this season that many fall lovers like you are celebrating their love of this time of year is by bringing fall into their own homes. Today’s designers have a unique way of capturing all of the warm and fuzzy feelings this season brings into home decor and interior painting color schemes, and homeowners like you are certainly paying attention!


Here are a few ways you can incorporate fall’s gorgeous color schemes into your home this season:


Take a Minimalistic Approach


Decorating and painting your home for fall doesn’t have to mean painting your living room bright red and orange. Instead, pick colors that not only perfectly reflect the season, but that is neutral enough to work all year round. Pick your favorite fall hue and keep things simple by adding a few accessories in the same color throughout the space you are decorating.


Let Natural Light Inspire You


You can create that same warm glow you love about an autumn sunrise by using paint and decorative elements in your space. Try a splash of yellow on your curtains or an accent wall, a piece of deep red furniture, or a dark orange throw blanket. This will create that ultra warm and cozy feeling to keep you happy all year long.


Bring the Outside In


To bring the changing fall leaves into your home, look for furniture pieces that have a natural feel to them. Use decorative pieces that feature elements of the outside world such as leaves, branches, or colorful stones. You can also use wood elements to bring in a natural look and feel that definitely feels like fall.


How do we love fall? Let us count the ways. Well, okay, if we did that, we’d be writing this blog forever! But how can you not get excited about the crisp and refreshing temperatures, the beautiful fall colors, and charming activity offerings like hayrides and apple picking? This magic is what many interior designers are taking inspiration from this season. Follow this timeless and comforting trend and bring all the pleasures of autumn into your home.


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