How Stanford Painting is Helping Those Affected by the Wildfires


Wednesday, December 5, 2018 11:52 AM Stanford Painting, Painting, Painter, wildfires, California wildfires



This holiday season, Stanford Painting gave back to those affected by the wildfires here in California. The generosity of people never ceases to amaze us and with the help of friends, family, and acquaintances, Stanford Painting boxed up and donated over $1,000 of clothes and toiletries from Walmart, and also donated over five large garbage bags full of clothes for those affected by the wildfires. Those amazing donations made their way to the local Butte County Red Cross and will be distributed to those in need. In light of the wildfires, we’d also like to share some wildfire safety tips if you ever find yourself in this type of situation.



Take Precautions to Prevent Fires: call 911 if you notice an unattended or out-of-control fire. Take special care when you’re using lanterns or stoves, and make sure you douse all campfires before you go to bed. You can do so by dousing the ashes with water and stirring them until they’re cold. Avoid spilling flammable liquids outside, especially if you’re cooking or using fire nearby.



Follow the Rules: when burning yard waste, make sure you follow all ordinances and rules before burning. Avoid windy and dry conditions, and always keep a shovel, water, and fire retardant nearby to keep your fires in check. Remove all flammable substances from your yard before you start burning.



Prepare Your Home: remove all combustibles from your home, including firewood, grills, and fuel cans. Check and make sure all windows, vents, and doors are closed to prevent drafts, and fill any pools, tubs, garbage cans, or hot tubs with water to prevent the fire from spreading faster. You should also shut off natural gas and propane lines.



If You Get Caught in the Fire: if you find yourself caught in the middle of a fire, don’t try to outrun it. Do your best to find a body of water nearby and stay there until the fire passes. If you can’t find any water, search for a small clearing with little to no vegetation. Lie low to the ground and avoid breathing in smoke by breathing through a damp item of clothing. Do your best to protect your lungs and avoid inhaling smoke.



Stanford Painting would like to thank everyone who donated clothing to help those in need this holiday season! Stanford Painting was established in 1988 with the goal of providing high quality residential and commercial painting services at reasonable prices. Our many hundreds of loyal, satisfied customers attest to our success in achieving that goal.