How a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Change a Home’s Atmosphere


Wednesday, November 27, 2019 3:42 PM Stanford Painting, Painting, Painter, fresh coat of paint

The satisfying and aesthetically pleasing look of a fresh coat of paint does more than serve looks. A home makeover doesn’t always mean re-doing everything, A fresh coat of new paint could be all you need! Read below to learn how a new paint job will spruce up your life and change your home’s overall atmosphere.

Benefits off New Paint

  • Larger Space: Looking to make a room appear larger? Paint can act as an illusion and make almost any space become larger. Discolored or old paint could be the reason a room feels closed in, especially when using old or faded neutral tones.
  • Fresh: Freshen up a room by simply adding a fresh coat of paint. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn what the simple power a fresh coat of paint can do to a room.
  • Bright: Regardless of the window placement in your room, different shades of paint can enhance and brighten a room. Light reflects off the walls, so the paint has an effect on brightness and how inviting a room can be. For example, a soft lavender, yellow, or light blue work great in low lit areas.
  • Improves Home Value: Looking to sell your home soon? Increase its value with a fresh coat. Repainting the walls or exterior is a simple and cheap investment that will give you great return value.
  • Professional Painting: The first thing new buyers will see is the paint. Whether it’s your interior or exterior, there’s no avoiding it. You may want to hire a professional to get the desired look you are going for. Try more neutral tones that won’t confuse your buyers or scare them off.


From outdated color schemes to a fading hue, a fresh coat of paint spruces up and adds character to a room. For most people, their property is their most important investment. Top-quality painting is a key element in protecting and enhancing that investment, which is why so many families and businesses have chosen Stanford Painting. Stanford Painting is a local, family-owned firm that has been providing San Francisco Bay Area customers with exceptional quality and service for over a quarter-century. For more information visit our website at or give us a call at 650-321-9302. To stay up to date on our latest news, follow us on Facebook!