What are the Trending Paint Colors for 2023?

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 4:37 PM

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Design and color trends have always been a direct mirroring of current cultural movements.

Each year, paint and interior design experts predict the colors that will shape our homes. While 2022 hues centered around back-to-nature shades, the 2023 color forecast centers on reflection, nostalgia, and comfort – reflecting on what matters to us most, reminding us to slow down, and savoring the comforts of home.

So without further ado, here are the trending colors for 2023:

· Darkroom. This vintage-inspired collection’s star is a nod toward a romanticized, outdated art form: film photography. Darkroom, a deep black color with purple undertones, is versatile, despite being on the opposite end of the spectrum. Darkroom can be used as an all-over color to create a cozy, sophisticated atmosphere, as a focal point in your kitchen island, or to add dimension to your home’s exterior by painting it on trim and doors.

· Hot Cocoa. If you pay attention to fashion trends, brown has resurged as a popular neutral. This renewal has also seen the demise of outdated styling rules, such as the one that said you couldn’t mix brown with black. Hot Cocoa is a warm brown shade that pairs well with Darkroom. Natural materials such as linens and wood furniture can complement the paint color well.

· Restrained Gold. A subdued yet warm shade of yellow, Restrained Gold is excellent for brightening dull or darker rooms, such as a pantry or laundry room. It also pairs well with neutral colors.

· Austere Gray. Although the sage-green paint trend is not new, this subtle shade feels like an entirely new approach. Austere gray is a cool-toned color with a slight tint of light green. If you prefer neutrals, use this shade to add a soft touch of color to your kitchen or home’s exterior.

· Glamour. Glamour, a dusty rose shade, is the perfect marriage of style and comfort. This vintage pink color can be paired with elegant details like shiny brass hardware and marble counters, as the name implies. This color may make you the kind of person who keeps fresh flowers in every room of your house, even the bathroom.

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