Should Painting Contractors Be Insured?

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When you hear the terms licensed and insured, you probably think about different service providers, like a roofer or plumber. But what about a painter that is licensed and insured? If you have high-maintenance painting jobs in your home or commercial space, hiring a licensed and insured painting contractor is essential before starting your project.


What does it mean to be a licensed painter in California?

In California, painting contractors must register with the state and carry state licensure for any job over $500. To obtain a painting license in California, you must have four years of work experience in a related area, acquire worker’s compensation for employees, obtain a surety bond for at least $15,000, and take and pass the C-33 exam.


What type of insurance should a painting company have?

When you hire a painting company, there are two types of insurance that you should look for:


General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects the homeowner against any accidental property damage caused by the painting company. Although it is rare for a qualified, experienced team of painters to cause damage to your property, accidents still happen. Liability insurance will cover the cost of any such damage. However, general liability does not cover poor-quality work, which is why it’s so important to select a painting contractor with a reputation for excellence.


Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation pays for medical bills and lost wages if someone is injured while on the job. However, an injured worker will not be entitled to benefits if the employer does not have worker’s comp insurance. As a result, the homeowner often pays the bills and lost wages.


Why it’s important to hire licensed and insured painting contractors

Now that you know what it means to hear that a painter has been licensed or not insured, let us look closer at how it can benefit you.


Minimal risk

Hiring an uninsured contractor means there isn’t a legally binding contract, which could result in the job not being completed on time (if at all). There have been horror stories of contractors taking money, not finishing the job, or doing terrible work. The homeowners are left to pick up the pieces and spend more money to complete the job.


Contractors licensed by the state must adhere to quality standards and sign a contract. You have the right to cancel your contract if you are unsatisfied with the work. In addition, you can complain to the licensing board or consider small claims court if a contractor fails to do the job correctly or does not complete the work as specified. However, you may not have the same protections if you hire an unlicensed painter.  

Protect your home and finances

Employing an insured company will ensure you won’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Most homeowners’ policies require that work be done by licensed contractors. If you hire an uninsured painter and they damage your property, it’s your responsibility to pay for the repairs. Similarly, you may be liable for compensation if a worker is injured and the contractor doesn’t have worker’s compensation coverage.


Licensing shows professionalism

Taking the time to complete the licensing process shows dedication to their business and professionalism. To be granted a contractor’s license, they must demonstrate competence and knowledge. It also implies that they will use more ethical practices. In addition, licensing brings transparency, so it’s easier to locate their business and get information on their credentials and background.


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