Halloween Décor Ideas


Tuesday, September 8, 2020 1:24 PM Halloween Decor, Halloween, Pumpkins



Halloween decorations can sometimes be tacky and downright scary – and not in a good way. The good news is that there are many ways to celebrate the spookiness of the season without sacrificing style. It’s about putting a unique and tasteful twist on those seasonal favorites (including pumpkins and witch figurines).

From living rooms to front porches, here are five ways to keep your Halloween décor spooky yet stylish.

Stick with Metal and Glass

Plastic pumpkins and rubber spider webs have their own special charm, but materials such as glass and metal provide a more elegant look and feel. Add a spooky touch to your space with brass or metal candlesticks, glass pumpkins, and other decorative objects that highlight the holiday. 

Get Back to Nature

Autumn provides us so many colorful and natural things that can be transformed into perfect indoor and outdoor decorations. While the vibrant orange pumpkin will always be a classic choice, there are other beautiful options thanks to Mother Nature. Pumpkin and squash varieties come in colors from green to blue and from yellow to white. Create a unique fall- or Halloween-scape by combining different varieties of pumpkin and squash with colorful foliage and pinecones. Natural décor is a simple go-to as you can probably find some of the items in your backyard or on a walk. Plus, you won’t have to find a storage spot once the season is over. 

Paint Your Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins may still be a Halloween tradition in your home, but when you carve it too early, your jack-o-lantern won’t last until October 31. To make sure your pumpkin is around to celebrate the holiday, paint your pumpkin instead. Think outside of the box; paint the whole pumpkin with metallic paint then add stripes or polka dots. Of course, you can always paint on a jack-o-lantern face instead of carving it. Another great way to create seasonal décor is to paint pumpkins in a variety of sizes using a coordinating color scheme (i.e. black and gold).

Vintage Vibe

Adding some vintage items can add some spook and eeriness to Halloween décor. Some vintage items including medicine bottles, figurines, and lab equipment already give off a creepy vibe so you won’t need to do much to set the spirit and add personality to your decorations. Plus, the medicine bottles can be repurposed to hold cotton balls and other bathroom items during the rest of the year. 

Go Non-Traditional

Orange and black will always be associated with Halloween, but chances are, these traditional holiday colors will clash with the rest of your home’s color scheme. Go monochromatic with all white or all black, or mix in some metallics and other colors to complement your existing décor. If you want to stick with traditional, try muted versions of orange and black to feel the Halloween feel.

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