Fall Home Design Trends



Natural textures and cozy fabrics. 

If you’re looking for chic and sophisticated décor but still want a relaxed and cozy feel, look no further than ultra-soft fabrics and natural textures. Soft, cozy fabrics provide warmth without the need for color, making decorating simple. For example, you can add a wool blanket or accent pillows to your existing décor for a quick, cozy change for the colder months. Or, if you have the space, create a cozy nook somewhere in your home. For example, add a flannel throw or comfy pillows to a window seat to make it warm and inviting – a perfect place to settle down with coffee and a good read. 

Room dividers and partitions.

The pandemic forced us to rethink our living spaces, and often, spaces became multi-purpose in function. We transformed dining rooms into homework areas, and guest rooms turned into home offices. We also discovered that the space for solitude and privacy is essential for our health. As a result, the mid-century modern room dividers have made a design comeback. These dividers offer privacy and separation while still keeping sightlines in adjacent rooms. 

Cottage kitchens. 

When the English countryside motif meets a more rustic feel, you get the trending cottage kitchen. Thankfully, the days of sterile, white shaker kitchens may be behind us and replaced by a more whimsical look for 2022. Think dComfort, convenience, and color. Private spaces and vintage pieces.

These are the buzzwords when it comes to the fall 2021 design trends. They reflect the permanent changes we’ve made to our homes as a result of the pandemic. Here are the trends predicted to be huge this fall. 

Warm, earthy neutrals. 

Fall is typically associated with warm, neutral tones. In particular, the terracotta trend has taken over the fall color scheme, thanks to its warm, earthy tones that emulate the image of curling up by the fireplace. However, if terracotta isn’t your style, radiant autumn oranges and ambers create warmth and blend well with neutrals (i.e., grays, sand tones) to a cozy, comfy space. 

Vintage décor. 

In times of uncertainty (such as the pandemic), we find comfort in the familiar. As a result, our spaces not only became more functional but more personal. We unpacked those boxes in the basement or attic and discovered our grandparents’ old vases or photo frames, or maybe you dusted off an antique desk that was passed down – all of which can give us a sense of comfort and security. Plus, the mix of antique and contemporary pieces adds a touch of whimsy without being too referential. 

arker palettes, countertops with movement and depth (read; not snow white), cabinets with visible wood grain, and stand-out fixtures. Not only are these trends more kid- and mess-friendly than their previous counterparts, they allow your kitchen to make a design statement.

Layered bedrooms. 

Bedrooms are often associated with being cozy and comfortable, and this fall is no exception. However, the snuggle factor goes well beyond Egyptian cotton sheets and a fleece blanket on your bed; the whole room is getting a makeover. Envision warm splashes of color using accessories and throws combined with wood or rattan furniture and a neutral area rug to complete the layered look. Depending on your personal style or the space, the trend can go light or dark. 

Bring the outdoors in. 

The indoor-outdoor connection continues to be the trend that ties everything together. The pandemic helped us realize that life is better when we spend some time outside, so many are looking for ways to bring the great outdoors into their décor. However, this doesn’t mean you should literally turn your home into a garden center. Instead, this trend brings outdoor elements inside through furnishings, textures, and patterns inspired by nature. Try incorporating natural fabrics (i.e., linen, cotton) and fibers (i.e., wood, wicker, rattan) into your home while maximizing natural light. Another option is to add floral and nature-inspired scenes, whether it be a wall panel or accessories. 

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