Best Paint Colors for Extreme Sun Exposure

Friday, July 29, 2022 9:24 AM

Color is an essential and powerful tool in enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Painting your home is a significant investment, so ensuring it looks good for years is vital. However, durability is critical to consider beyond aesthetics when choosing exterior colors.

While paint technology has advanced significantly, color strongly influences paint performance. Because different colors absorb and reflect sunlight differently, the performance of paints can change. Different pigments absorb different amounts of light; some colors reflect more light than others. The more sunlight a color absorbs, the more it is likely to fade.


Consider the painting surface 

Color retention is affected by your home’s location and orientation to sunlight. For example, southern exposures receive more direct sunlight, resulting in more color fading and loss issues. Shaded areas or those facing a different direction are still affected by sun exposure but to a lesser extent.

Some colors fade faster than others

Earth- and neutral-toned colors such as cream, beige, and gray are more resistant to sun exposure and absorb less heat. In addition, due to the inorganic pigments in these colors, they are less likely to break down or fade than darker, organic colors like reds, blues, yellows, and greens. Darker colors absorb more heat and are prone to more moisture and maintenance issues. In areas with extreme sun exposure, the breakdown of exterior paint is more severe.

Be aware of color limitations

Specific colors can be problematic for exterior use. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on exterior paint colors and their applications. For example, some colors are alkali-sensitive and should not be used on highly alkaline surfaces, such as new masonry. Most paint manufacturers provide this information through symbols, icons, or words printed on color chips.

For superior color retention, use only high-quality paints

High-quality paints hold their colors well despite sunlight and extreme heat exposure. In addition, high-quality paint is more durable, adheres to the surface better, and has a higher resistance to chalking. Chalking can cause exterior paint to lose its color. Taking the time to choose the right paint color and quality for your home will pay off in the long term.

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