Awesome Accent Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom


Accent walls will always be in style – they offer endless decorating possibilities while adding depth, color, and creativity to your space. Bedroom walls are a great space to add a personal touch with a focal accent wall. Because your bedroom is often hidden away from other rooms, it offers you the opportunity to be more daring with your design options. 

To implement contrast and create a bold and unique bedroom aesthetic, consider some of the following design options: 


If you’re looking for a simple way to infuse some color into your bedroom, try a fresh coat of paint. Chances are you can go bolder with color in this space, as it’s a less-trafficked area and only seen by those sleeping there. Painting an accent wall is an excellent option if you can’t decide between a light or dark color palette, you like contrasting hues, or you don’t want to commit to a single-colored room. For example, if you choose a charcoal gray for your bold accent wall, paint the other three walls in a light and subtle shade of gray or cool white for contrast. 


There are more options than paint when creating an accent wall; creating an accent wall with eye-catching wallpaper offers many ways to capture your unique style. For example, a wallpapered feature wall works beautifully in a bedroom. While wallpapering an entire room can be a hassle and costly, a statement wall allows you to express your personality without breaking your budget. Choosing a wallpaper as a design accent is also a fun and interesting way to incorporate colors and patterns without overwhelming a room. 


While dramatic tones or a graphic wallpaper print add grand style to your bedroom, paneling behind the bed embraces the tonal and structural accent of a feature wall. This timeless, yet re-emerging trend, adds architectural interest while creating depth and dimension in a room. It also brings a touch of sophistication to your decor. Keep the paneling the same color as the rest of your room, or for a more dramatic look, paint it a darker accent hue. 


The world of accent walls goes beyond paint and wallpaper; any technique can be used to design a stunning statement wall. A carefully curated artwork display is a simple way to create an accent wall while spotlighting your personal taste or your self-created works of art. This is an excellent design choice for those with constantly changing styles or renting. If you cannot paint or wallpaper your walls, add an oversized painting or create a custom photo gallery wall to spice up your space. 

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