All about painting

There is much more to doing painting right than a casual observer might realize or understand. In fact, top quality painting requires a combination of selecting the correct and best materials, careful and thorough preparation, skilled application, site protection, and environmental and physical safety. Stanford Painting is deeply experienced and exceptionally capable in all of these areas, and more. Please scroll down through this section for a brief overview of our painting process, from materials selection to site clean up and inspection, including our exclusive 9-step surface prep process lead safety protection for you


Quality painting begins with the selection of working materials, which is why we use only high quality paint and stains from suppliers like Kelly-Moore, Pratt & Lambert, and Benjamin Moore. These materials are your best assurance of years of lasting results.

Exclusive 9-step surface prep process

Another key to the possible painting results is careful and thorough surface preparation. We have an exclusive 9-step process:

  1. Treat mildewed areas with diluted chlorine solution.
  2. Exterior: Pressure wash entire structure. Interior: wash kitchen and bathroom walls with TSP as needed.
  3. Remove all flaking paint (hand scrape, heat gun, chemical stripper).
  4. Power and hand sand as needed for superior adhesion.
  5. Apply primer to all exposed substrates (specific primer on wood / stucco / metal).
  6. Spackle holes and cracks, as needed.
  7. Caulk gaps and openings where appropriate (with high-grade elastometric caulking).
  8. Re-glaze broken or cracked window putty as needed.
  9. Exterior: Repair stucco cracks with high-grade elastometric patching compound.
  10. Interior: Patch holes and cracks in drywall and / or plaster.

High quality 2 coat paint finish

Paint is applied by brush, roller,or state-of-the-art paint sprayers. We apply two coats for lasting results.

Extensive site cleanup

We do a thorough site clean up at the end of each work day and when the project is complete. All paint, tape, masking materials, and any related items are removed.

Post-painting inspection

A Stanford Painting supervisor performs a detailed and complete inspection of your newly finished painting project, and is available for any questions you may have. We stand behind our work, and our jobs are backed by a 5 year warranty.